Some tips to improve your canola seed yields

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Some tips to improve your canola seed yields

Canola seed is used to make vegetable oils and is very similar to mustard seed. It can also be used to make biodiesel fuels. It is not difficult to grow, but there are things you can do to ensure a more plentiful harvest.

Sow shallowly

Firstly, don't sow the seeds too deeply. Sowing deeply means that the new plant will have to use more energy to break through the soil, and it will take longer to do so. Shallow sowing will ensure that the plant has the best chance to emerge.

Keep the drill level

A second thing to check is that the seeding drill is level. If it is not, you might be sowing seeds at different depths. The seedlings will then start emerging at different times. The crop will be much easier to harvest if everything in the field grows simultaneously, so make sure all the seeds are sown at the same level. You should also check that the tyres on your tractor or farm vehicle are at an equal pressure, as this could otherwise tilt the drill slightly.

Sow into warmer soils

Canola seeds do best in warmer soils when the forecast is for reasonable weather. The seeds will germinate best and emerge sooner in these conditions. They may well emerge in colder soils but will take longer, which gives more opportunity for pests such as flea beetle to attack the plants. The more quickly they grow, the better.

Don't over-fertilise

You should also think about how much fertiliser you are sowing with the seeds. Canola will do well with a phosphate fertiliser, but too much can cause the seeds to die. You should check the manufacturer's instructions and keep the fertiliser to a minimum at this stage.

Don't grow in acidic soil

Finally, make sure your soil is not too acidic. Canola will grow in slightly acidic or alkaline soils but really prefers a neutral pH. If your soil is very acidic, you may find the crop does not do well. This can be rectified by treating the soil with lime. You will need to do a soil test to find the pH of your soil, and then a lime requirement test to find out how much lime will need to be applied.

These tips should ensure that the maximum amount of your canola seeds germinate and emerge as plants, giving you the largest harvest possible. For more information about canola seed, contact a local supplier.

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